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Please Consider Donating to the Cats. Click on our TNR logo

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Please log into your Kroger account go to community rewards and search for Ohio Barn Cat Placement. 


Our Services



Trap Neuter & Return

Learn how to help your community cats and save lives. Learn how to start a TNR group in your area.


Low Cost TNR Help

If you start your own TNR group we are here to support you. We can help support you financially once your group is set up with a local vet.


Barn Placement

Cat should only be moved for these reasons only.

1. Being Threatened

2. Lost their home or caregiver

3. Too dangerous to stay where they were living.

$45 Spay/Neuter
for Cats and Kittens!
To help fight feline overpopulation,
we are offering to help offset the cost to TNR groups in Ohio
Lets solve the over population
Get your teams together and lets stop the suffering of cats and kittens in your community and make your community a better place for everyone. Ralley all your friend and neighbors, get your TNR group together and round up some colonty care givers too.
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